Thursday, July 20, 2006

Music Journals and Magazines, Newspapers and Periodicals

  1. The Absolute Sound: The High End Journal of Audio and Music (Journal Info., Index to Past Reviews)
  2. Access Magazine Online
  3. Access to the Music Zone (AMZ) (Vol 1 No 1, 11/96- )
  4. Acoustic Guitar Magazine (Magazine Info., Indexes: Table of Contents, Songs, Manufacturer Index)
  5. Acoustical Society of America (Abstracts from recent ASA meetings) (1992-1997)
  6. Addicted to Noise: a totally complete on-line rock magazine (Issue 1.1 Dec. 1994- )
  7. Amazing Sounds (Since November 2, 1996, an e-zine devoted to electronic music, Ambient, New Instrumental Music, World Music, Electroacoustic, New Age, and other alternative genres. Includes brief biographical articles on artists, reviews, articles or interviews (features), small notes, and links to other information sources in internet, as well as record labels and other firms related to these kinds of musics, together with lists of printed fanzines, radio and TV programmes, and fan clubs. English and Spanish)
  8. American Lutherie Magazine (Magazine Info., Table of Contents since Issue #1 1998)
  9. American Songwriter Magazine (Magazine Info.)
  10. AMG: All-Movie Guide
  11. AMG: All-Music Guide (in-depth reviews, feature articles, restrospectives, and news items on all kinds of music, from easy listening and jazz to noise rock and hip-hop)
  12. Art and Culture MUSIC
  13. ArtZero -- L'e-zine musical
  14. ASCAP PlayBack Magazine -- the Society's bimonthly magazine (news on ASCAP)
  15. Atlantic Unbound / Atlantic Monthly: Arts & Culture
  16. Audio Video Magazine
  17. Audioreview -- Internet edition (Italian)
  18. Autoharp Quarterly (Subscription inf., table of contents)


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